Fitlight trainer accessoires

Wilt u nog meer mogelijkheden van de Fitlight Trainer optimaal benutten kijk eens naar accessoires. Deze zijn speciaal ontwikkeld voor het optimale gebruik van de Fitlight Trainer.

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Extender wall tube clip

These clips can be effortlessly screwed into a wall. Once completed, the frame tubes can then be easily attached.

Frame clip

These clips are used to assemble the frame. They are fixed at 90 degrees and 45 degrees. They are snapped onto the frame and fastened by a thumb screw. They can be very easily removed.

Waist clip

Waist clips can be used with belts or Velcro straps as shown. These can be used to fasten the lights on posts or around punching bags or around an individual’s waist. The lights are attached to the waist clips.*
(*Belts and Velcro straps not supplied)

Frame extender

4 ft. aluminum poles are ideal for both outdoor/indoor use with the FITLIGHTS™.

Fitlight™ clip

These clips allow the secure attachments of the FITLIGHTS™ to the 1” frames or any other 1” framing. They are snapped onto the frame and are easily removed or repositioned.

Frame connector

The Aluminum frame connector is used for connecting two 4’long, (1” diameter) Frame Extenders (poles) together. These are ideal when a constructing a larger framing system.

Velcro lock

Velcro Locks are attached to the back of each lights when sold. These are used to adhere the sensors using the Velcro pads to a variety of surfaces and objects. They can be easily attached and removed.

Rubber bases

We offer a high density rubber base that is used to stabilize the Frame Extender.

Velcro pads

Velcro Pads come in a pack of 16 and can be adhered to various surfaces.

Goal target

Specifically designed for individuals who wish to incorporate the FITLIGHT Trainer™ into their target training programs. Made from Polycarbonate, these targets are light-weight and durable, allowing the user to measure and improve their accuracy and reaction timing.


Up to 32 FITLIGHTS™ can be simultaneously controlled by one Tablet Controller.

Tablet controller

This Tablet Controller comes with each system. It is the heart of the system and where all light operating functions and protocols are programmed and run. It features a touch screen with WiFi, Bluetooth, Dual Camera Audio and a RF Dongle. It is protected by a blue, silicon case (not to be removed). Available in 7” & 10” sizes.

Charger/carrying case

This charges up to 12 or 24 FITLIGHTS™ simultaneously. The features include custom foam inserts to hold and charge the FITLIGHTS™, and to also store the Tablet Controller. The dimensions and weight of the case allow for easy transportation.


Lite-Base These Rubber bases are ideal to secure the FITLIGHTS™during an active drill or routine.*
(*FITLIGHT™ sold separately)


The tripod has a max height of 58”, and offers the user another dynamic way to enhance their training regime. Other features include a 360 degree swivel head, 3- way pan/tilt head and rubber no slip feet. The tripod comes complete with a bag for easy transport.


Cardio wall

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